Traffic Ad Bar Review

Traffic Ad Bar review allows you to generate traffic in multiple ways including one way on autopilot with leveraged advertising on 1,000’s of websites that aren’t even yours.

Your Ad Is Rotated On 1,000’s Of Sites – This is free & leveraged advertising at it’s best! You will set up your ads in the TAB members area & automatically the system will rotate your offers on 1,000’s of lead capture & splash pages all over the internet.

What are the benefits to a member putting the Ad Bar on their site?

Points = More Traffic – You’ll see from my image above it says “douglas Just Earned 9 Points” which means the more points you earn the higher you move up the “Level Ladder” system.

The higher you move up the Level Ladder the more free autopilot traffic you’ll get. The genius part of this method is that points are earned just for the Ad Bar being displayed even if nothing is clicked on.

Referrals For Passive Monthly Income – You’ll also see on the image above it reads “Get Your Ads For FREE!” which is a clickable link taking the prospect to the members TAB homepage. If your prospect joins TAB through that link you’ll earn a passive monthly income if they decide to upgrade, even if you remain a free lifetime member.

Free Autopilot Traffic From Your Referrals – This is the traffic source that just keeps on giving. As a reward for promoting TAB & referring new members you will earn points & the system will automatically exchange your points to give you more free traffic & also move you up the Level Ladder.

Free Autopilot Traffic From Your Referrals Surfing – Once your referrals start to surf the traffic exchange then you’ll earn referral points which the system will exchange automatically into more website visitors to your offers.

I’m sure you can now see even as a free member how the traffic to your offers can explode by using  Traffic Ad Bar as a traffic source.